Being bored on Maternity Leave isn’t something to take very lightly. Up to 80 % of us will suffer from “the blues” after giving birth and perhaps even starting before birth. More seriously around 15% of pregnant women develop Post Natal Depression which is a serious mental health issue. When not pregnant we are so used to working and staying active. Then pregnancy happens and having to stay home all day feeling like you are not productive enough can be especially nerve wrecking. So I thought I should share some of the things I do to occupy my time on maternity leave.

But first of all, I would like to remind all the mama’s out there that don’t be so hard on yourselves. Looking after our little one when they need us the most is the most productive and important thing a human can do. The future of our kids depends on how we raise them, so let’s stay happy to raise happy kids.

If you are a woman who was used to working and not having a moment alone at home bored and now have plenty of time with nothing to do then I’ve got you covered.

Between working full time in surgery, spending time with my spouse, watching TV, reading novels I never used to get time with my thoughts alone.

Now on maternity leave without any work, with all my favorite seasons and novels finished and with my husband at work most of the day, I have too much spare time on my hand.

If you are bored on Maternity Leave it is important to have useful activities:

Post pregnancy can be a trying time, especially for new moms. There are times when one can struggle with their identity, it becomes all about the baby and as much as we love our kids we should also not let this strip us of our individuality. With postpartum blues and depression related to breastfeeding it’s better not to feel bored on Maternity Leave and to have useful activities to occupy your time and mind.

This leads to happier moms who can raise happy babies.

Watching tv and movies do kill time but there is no sense of accomplishment afterward so here are some ideas which will make good use of your time and also be beneficial in long run.

1. Spend time with Baby

Obviously, we made this little person with love and a baby needs constant attention. And every day and every moment is so precious with them as they grow up so fast. You want to cherish every second and don’t miss out on their milestones.

But what to do when the baby is asleep or being a good baby and minding their own business.

Here are a few things you can do

2. Baby record book


Try to keep the record book updated because when you get back to work you won’t have the time. And if you have a bad case of mommy brain like I do then it’s better to record all the milestones as soon as possible.

My favorite part of making the record book is printing out my baby’s pictures with my canon celphi.

3. Scrapbook

You can make a scrapbook of your time with your loved ones before and after the baby.

4. So you are feeling bored on Maternity Leave – Why not Start a blog!

Blogging for me is not only about reaching out to other like-minded people but also a record and memory book for myself.

5. Mommy book

I found this wonderful book at The Works called my mother’s story. It’s a beautiful book where I can write about my childhood and favorite moments and I can gift it to my daughter when she grows up. Because let’s be honest sometimes it’s hard to think of our parents as people who had lives before us.

This book will surely bring you closer and I am sure your kids will appreciate it.

6. DIY projects

So instead of buying things which I can make, I find it very satisfying and it gives me a sense of accomplishment. So far I’ve made a little table to put baby stuff on. This was made using Amazon cardboard boxes and a family passport holder. And to be honest it made me feel great.

7. Distance learning

The best way to cure a mommy brain is to make it run again. Online courses have made it easier for us moms to look after our kids and progress with our careers at the same time.

8. Traveling

What better time to see the world than on paid maternity leave. Sure, it is difficult at times, babies catch cold more easily and of-course the luggage is a pain but you make wonderful memories and it’s all worth it in the end.

So far I have traveled to 3 countries with my little one, alone and with family. To be honest there were moments when I just wanted to pull my hair out (especially when I was traveling alone to Ireland) and then there were times when I felt if I can travel for more than 10 hours alone with my stubborn baby, I can do anything! It’s strangely empowering. And we have already planned another trip for this month. Wish us luck 🙂

Hope you find some of these tips useful if you are feeling bored on Maternity Leave. If there are some activities you’ve found useful on maternity leave or if you have any other thoughts, do share them in the comments section below.

Posted by:Sana

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