Looking for a wonderful, economical vacation? Might I suggest Malaysia and Thailand?

So back in 2013, during my first year of working as a junior doctor, I was lucky enough to get leave to visit these two amazing countries with my parents.

This trip was important for me not only because it was a well-deserved break from work but also it was right before our engagement 😁 the last trip as a single gal 😁

Funnily enough, I got terribly lost in Pattaya for an hour and let me tell you, the fear of being lost forever in Thailand can really put things into perspective for life 😋

Not only is there so much to do there but the experience was so culturally enlightening. From sightseeing to parasailing at Islands, shopping at high-end pavilion mall in Kuala Lumpur to cheap but excellent and unique shopping in Indira market and being a kid again at Genting’s theme park and subway lagoon water park, there is everything for everyone.

Hope some of the images inspire you to visit Malaysia and Thailand too. Dont mind the quality my poor iphone 3s did the best it could.

Posted by:Sana

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