“I would rather own a little and see the world, than own the world and see a little of it.” – Alexander Sattler

This is a log of our life and travels.

We are both young doctors and have been married for 3 years. Our sweet little monkey – Arya is nearly 10 months old now. We also call her bobloo, cutoo, pyaroo and pretty much anything else we can to capture that undefinable feeling she kindles inside us.

We’ve travelled alone, with friends, with family, as a couple and now as parents. Travelling is a passion we both share. And we’ve got stories to make and share.

As much as this is going to be a canvas of our worldly exploits, we would also like to share our wisdoms with everyone else of similar spirits.

Posted by:Fizan

I love to travel. I travel for that feeling. When you stand in awe and insignificance to lofty peaks. The mesmerization of food you taste for the first time. Or when you can feel the history of a place in it’s atmosphere rather than reading it in a book. The list is endless. Mostly I travel for travel’s sake. I also love many other things. I’m developing my skills as a psychiatrist at the Royal College of Psychiatrists, UK. I'm interested in science in general and physics in particular. I’m also interested in deep philosophical issues. Don’t worry I have a different blog Metascientist.com for all that heavy stuff.

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